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Join Support

1. Store support: The Company supports the dealers to decorate according to the national unified VI of the Company, and gives the subsidy support of decoration.

2. Advertising support: The Company supports the dealers to carry out the local brand publicity according to the local conditions, and gives the subsidy support of advertising.

3. Model support: The Company gives the model support or subsidy to the exclusive shops conforming to the company standard.

4. Brand support: The corresponding brand promotion and auxiliary expense of terminal marketing are put in the key industry network media and network platform annually, to help the development of terminal market.

5. Promotion activity support: The professionalized promotion team arranges, plans and executes in the whole process to guarantee the accuracy and frequency of promotion activity operation, thereby enhancing the local competitiveness of brand.

6. Engineering support: The Company will cooperate with and assist the dealers to discuss the project.

7. Training support: the Company shall hold the training meeting for dealers and shopping guides irregularly.

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