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Over the nearly 30 years of unremitting efforts, our purpose is just for revivifying the color, flavor, gloss and growing story of every original manuscript. Nanyang engraves time in the name of nature instead of manufacturing wood.

In 1985, Nayang wood industry was founded.

In September 2003, it passed ISO9001: 2000 certification of quality system.

In 2003, Nanyang pattern trademark "1" awarded the well-known trademark in Changzhou.

In 2004, it awarded the famous-brand product in Changzhou.

In 2005, it awarded the excellent brand of China wood floor industry.

In 2006, Nanyang pattern trademark "1"  awarded the well-known trademark in Jiangsu province.

In 2006, it awarded the CE certification of European Union.

In 2007, it passed ISO14001: 2004 environmental system certification.

In 2008, Nanyang floor awarded the title of well-known trademark in Jiangsu province.

In 2008, it awarded the FSC international forest certification.

In 2009, it awarded the well-known trademark in Jiangsu province again.

In 2010, it awarded the innovative technology award of China's floor, outstanding contribution award of fifteen-year glory in China flooring industry.

In 2010, it took part in the preparation of Service Specifications of Wood Floor Industry and four operation instructions for floor.

In 2011, it took part in the preparation of national standards Gymnasium Wooden Floor and Engineered Wood Flooring.

In 2012, Nanyang pattern trademark "1" awarded the "China famous brand" issued by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

In 2013, the "rapid cooling ground heating flooring" from Nanyang art house awarded 2 national patents.

In 2015, Mr. Zhuang Zhongnan, the president of the company awarded the 20-anniversary lifelong honorary award in China wood floor industry.

In 2016, it awarded the "Y.D.Y. purchase" supporting supplier in the whole real estate indstry of China.

In 2016, it awarded the top ten brands of China's environmental protection floor.

In 2016, it awarded the top ten supporting suppliers in China's real estate.

In 2016, it was awarded the national standard drafting unit of floor heating solid wood floor.

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