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  • I. Guarantee period for the floor, wooden door, cabinet and full-wooden home furnishing quality to provide lifetime maintenance and maintenance service consultation.
  • II. Free delivery: downtown available.
  • III. 400 free service hotline throughout the country for all-around customer service.
  • IV. Arrival at site for survey after-sales service within 48h and consult solutions with customers within 3 working days after survey.
  • V. To build customer archives enquiry system: to build user profiles for the customers purchasing the products of Nanyang art house for permanent service.
  • VI. To build product anti-forgory enquiry system: to build product anti-forgory enquiry system to make customers rest assured while buying the products of Nanyang art house.
  • VII. Installation transparency: according to different paving environment and clients’ requirements, carry out professional installation with transparent quotation.
  • VIII. Maintenance service: to provide maintenance consulting for the customers buying products of Nanyang art house, and the Nanyang art house offers professional dedicated maintenance products.
  • IX. Warm prompt: according to different seasonal maintenance requirements, Nanyang art house will give warm prompt on the company's official website and official WeChat.
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