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Install and maintenance
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Install and maintenance

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I. Preparation before paving:

1. The floor shall be cleaned thoroughly, to ensure that the floor has no capping mass and construction waste;

2. The floor shall be flat, its longitudinal and horizontal flatness shall be detected with 2m running rule, and the maximum error shall not be more than 2mm and reach the self-leveling standard;

3. The moisture content of the floor shall be below 12%, and the wetland construction is prohibited. The damp-proof treatment shall be carried out on the near water sources by the internal decoration unit well.

4. The layout of pipelines and circuits which have been paved in the room shall be expressly indicated, to prevent the damage when construction;

5. The customer shall formulate the reasonable paving scheme with the installers, including the orientation of floors in all rooms.

II. Two conventional paving technologies selected by the floor heating:

1. Suspension paving

1.1. The damp-proof PVC ground mat shall not be paved with the whole floor in an overlapping manner, the seams shall be stuck up with the adhesive tape, and the wall shall be turned up for 5mm;

1.2. A certain thickness of wooden wedge shall be added in the fixed space between the floor and wall, so that 8mm-12mm distance is kept between the floor and wall;

1.3. The staggered joint paving way shall be adopted, and the intercross distance of ends of two adjacent rows of floors in the length direction shall not be less than 200mm;

1.4. The width of the first row of floors in the same room shall not be less than 50mm;

1.5. The flat button floor can be glued at the mortise junction, and the adhesive squeezed to the floor surface shall be timely removed after the floor is spliced;

1.6. When the paving width of floor is not less than 8m, the separated expansion joint shall be reserved, and then, transited with buckles;

1.7. The expansion joint reserved at the joint between the floor and other ground materials shall not be more than 8mm, and the buckle shall be installed for transition;

1.8. The wooden wedge must be taken out before installing the skirting board, the connection points are hit with the polyfoam filling point at the ends and secondary side of flat button floors;

1.9. When installing the skirting board, it shall note that the pipe and pipeline shall not be damaged while drilling on the wall, and it shall require that the leg wire is installed flatly, the joints are tight, and the height is consistent.

2. Adhesive paving

2.1. Refer to the above practices for other technologies, except that the damp-proof light cushion is not paved on the floor;

2.2. The wood floor is directly cemented on the floor one by one according to the paving scheme after dispensing on the back of the floor or gluing on the ground;

2.3. When sticking up the floor, it shall be knocked with special wooden hammer tightly, and the end interface of wooden floor shall be compacted with the sandbag.

2.4. This scheme is only limited to the indirect heating of water heating pipe, and thus, is not applicable to the installation of electric heating floor;

2.5. The floor paved by gluing can be used after curing for 24h.

III. Completion acceptance specification and requirements:

1. The demander and supplier shall complete the acceptance in three days after installing the single project of floor according to the national standard;

2. The floor surface shall be cleaned neatly and flatly. The appearance quality of the floor shall meet the corresponding product standard requirement;

3. The floor shall be paved firmly, and has no obvious abnormal sound and serious hollowing when treading;

4. The reserved joint shall be stretched properly, and the buckle and kicking line shall be installed flat and firmly.


IV. Usage specification and maintenance: 

1. It shall inspect that the display of power circuit, water pipeline, temperature controller and others must be normal before starting the floor heating system. For the kitchen, toilet and others having the water source, it shall be cautious of permeating the water below the ground, otherwise, it shall cause that the floor has dampness, mildew, arch camber, short circuit of wire and other phenomena;

2. When using the ground heating floor firstly or seasonally, the temperature shall be risen to 2℃ per hour, and when it is risen to 10℃ that very day, it can be set within 27℃ after three days. If the temperature is risen too fast, it will cause that the floor is rapidly shrunk, cracked, distorted, tile-shaped or deformed.

3. It is suggested that the temperature set in the floor heating room is 18-20℃, and shall not be more than 27℃, otherwise, it will affect the service life and period of wood floor;

4. Whatever the floor heating system is opened, if the indoor temperature is not more than 40℃, the humidifier shall be timely used for humidifying the room. If it is too dry, it will cause the crack and deformation of floor covering. (It is suggested that the thermometer and humidometer are equipped indoors).

5. If the usage environment humidity of the floor is not less than 80°, it shall pay attention to appropriately open the window to ventilate or humidify with the air conditioner and other dehumidifiers, so as to avoid the floor from arch camber due to moisture absorption; and in case of being idle for a long time, it shall keep ventilated appropriately.

6. It shall be cautious of sand grains and sharp instrument to scratch the wood floor; the heavy objects, furniture and others shall be lifted when carrying, and do not drag, so as to scratch. The adhesive elastic cushion shall be used under the furniture leg.

7. It shall prevent and avoid the sunshine from long-term exposure. The airtight material of 1.5mm thick shall not be used for covering the surface of wood floor for a long time. The high-power electrical appliance and others shall not be directly used on the wood floor;

8. The wood floor shall not come into contact with the open fire; and the floor shall not be scrubbed and corroded with the gasoline, diesel, acidic and alkaline chemical substances;

9. The hygienic cleaning shall be carried out with soft wet mop which does not drop basically along the direction of floor. And it is suggested to nurse with the special wood essential oil twice a month.

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