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How to make a rational choice to warm the wooden floor

In recent years, with the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, the ground heating floor has been favored by the majority of consumers. But what kind of wood floors, it is more suitable for heating it? This is our floor production enterprises and the vast number of consumers are concerned about the problem. In recent years, a variety of media comments a lot, we propose that we explore.
Two, first of all, a brief introduction to our understanding of the international use of floor heating. Our company has more than and 10 years of solid wood flooring export, sales of products in more than and 20 countries.
1 ~ ~, higher quality of life in Europe, France, British Italy and other countries, their selection of hardcover room in three - floor, wood flooring multilayer auxiliary. Among them, the selection of the floor heating ratio of about 70%, the total thickness of the choice of the floor 10~14~15mm, the surface layer thickness of 3~4mm.
2, Asia, Japan, South Korea due to the cold winter, so the use of more than 90% of the heating multi-layer solid wood flooring, the total thickness of the selection of 9~10~12mm, the surface layer is generally 3~4mm.
3, while the United States, Canada, the United States is the use of multi-storey, supplemented by a solid wood composite floor of the second floor, the thickness of 12~15mm, the surface layer of 2~3~4mm. In the developed countries, the general trend of heating is the solid wood composite as the main body.

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